Misc - The Pulse of your LIVE World

LIVECLOUDTV is the universe’s most dynamic source of LIVE video content. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to broadcast and view LIVE and directly related content on the internet while making advertising interesting and relevant to the viewer and easy for the broadcaster and advertiser to place.


Too often in today’s fast paced world there are events we would like to get to but can’t – even when they may be events that mark or define our lives. We refer to these as life moments. LIVECLOUDTV ‘s goal is to bring these life moments to people who can’t be there in person. LIVECLOUDTV provides viewers with a unique (and private if desired) URL through which they can experience life’s moments live (or at a later time) along with closely related content that brings greater context to those attending life’s moments remotely….


LIVECLOUDTV is a network of people who have become dedicated to, focused on, and perhaps maniacal about bringing LIVE video of events (for example, family and school events, news, sports, weather, and entertainment) to viewers around the world in an organized fashion so people can get the pulse of what’s going on even when they can’t be there in person. We call it “putting eyeballs on what’s important!” Better yet, we help broadcasters benefit from the viewers they cultivate and advertising they generate.

See how LiveCloudTV can take your business LIVE by including those who can't otherwise attend.

First you'll need to Register (if you're a first time user) or Sign In (if you're a returning user) Once you've signed-in you can upload personalized content to customize your LiveCloudTV. You will also receive a unique URL link to share with family and friends who cannot attend in person. For more information, contact us at LiveCloudTV@LIVECLOUDTV.com or (800) 782-0104.